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See And Be Seen As You Truly Are

Discover the Divine Feminine and Masculine Symbols

Begin Your Journey Of Self Discovery

See And Be Seen As You Truly Are

At HovaveART we help people in heartspace see and be seen as they truly are through the power of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine symbols. We combine the symbols with only the highest-quality consciously-sourced gemstones to help you achieve perfect balance within and without.

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Find the perfect piece to bring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine symbols into your daily life.

Artisan Sterling Silver Rings
Natural Stone Pendants
Artisan Sterling Silver Cuffs
Crystal Light Sculptures

The work Lesli and Hovave do is strikingly beautiful. Just being in the presence of these brilliant pieces makes me feel light and energized. Really!

Marla Z.Author

I'm so happy with this masterpiece. I love it so much. Thank you! This crystal means a lot to me.

Grexi AlbornettInternational Podcaster and Hypnotherapist

This lovely necklace is helping me heal. HovaveART is my favorite crystal pendant maker.


These necklaces are gorgeous pieces of art! They harness the power of nature. Love them!


I love your work! I love what you do so much that I think I'd recognize it a mile away.

SachaCrystal Jewelry Artist

Discover The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

See and Be Seen as You Truly Are