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Acclaimed Artist, Hovave Rappaport, was born in Israel. There, he studied the arts with a focus on sculpture. After leaving his home in his early twenties, Hovave travelled around Europe and North America looking for new beginnings, establishing roots in Los Angeles, California in 1980.

Hovave’s work developed into a study of combining lighting and natural stones, bringing life and animation to the still world around us. In the 90s, his work further evolved with the introduction of crystals and wearable SacredArt made from materials such as quartz, amethyst, citrine, and other gemstones.

His inspiration comes directly from his heart, following his intuition and reflective of his deep connection to spirituality. Hovave’s greatest satisfaction comes from the creation of his art; recognizing it is a gift of the universe to be shared with others.

With no two pieces being the same or repeated, Hovave's creations are truly one of a kind.



As a cultivator of Beauty, Lesli brings her philosophy Wisdom Grows in Our Own Backyard  to HovaveART. An organic farmer by vocation, she understands that "what is in one, is in the whole."  Applying this interpretation of life to HovaveART, she brings balance, deep connection to Mother Earth and wisdom to their work. As evident in the philosophy of HovaveART, Lesli's deep spiritual beliefs and practices have greatly influenced her way of life and the way she and Hovave share their work with the world.

The conviction Wisdom Grows in Our Own Backyard  speaks to Lesli's unwavering belief that we have all the tools necessary to heal ourselves.  Lesli is known as a teacher, creator, mentor, and cultivator of life. Having worked for many years in the healing arts, Lesli's knowledge of alternative healing, crystals and earth energies create an incomparable synergy with Hovave's sculpture work. Additionally, Lesli brings her expertise of ethical business practices and community building to the operations and management of HovaveART.

Lesli's Purpose is to remind us that through the work of love, compassion, generosity and forgiveness, the reality of the world as we know it can be radically altered. We are all Divine Beings, consciously and  unconsciously contributing to the creation of our Collective Universe. Through these teachings, Lesli invites you to feel that you are an honored part of our family.