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Humanity has a deep and storied history of trying to separate and category energy into discrete units. The electromagnetic spectrum gets chopped into the visible waves and invisible ones. The qualities of heat and cold are set above and below lines on a thermometer.

The same measurements and categorization don't quite work for the energies of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. These energies, much like the properties of matter and energy, are intertwined so as to make distinctions momentary at best. 

What is better understood is what these energies do and the associated methods of tapping into them.

For those unfamiliar with the flavor, texture, and colors of the divine, this guide will offer some touchstones.

Power of the Divine Masculine

First, a few working definitions to facilitate the information presented. 

The divine masculine represents energy and energy is potential. It does no good or ill but the direction and focus by which it is used. This is a key takeaway. 

Masculine energy necessarily includes elements of force, of reification, of stabilization. Masculine energy takes possibilities and makes them real. It is the energy to preserve, to change, and to move. 

Power of the Divine Feminine

The definition of the divine feminine follows a similar pattern. There are aspects that add to life and those that detract. It is never a matter of the energy itself but how much and what it's used for. 

Feminine energy consists of ideas, emotions, and the intangible. It is the silence between the notes that provide context and lead to greater meaning. The divine feminine energy nurtures, maintains, and inspires.

Transformative Benefits

Both energies interact with the world, shaping it to an end. What that end is and what level of control an individual has depends on how they balance and focus their divine characteristics.

Too much of either energy causes the transformation to go too far, to become lopsided which exposes flaws and defies purpose. Each of the transformations benefits from an understanding of balance. Each also produces a different result when more of one energy or the other is applied to each task. 

1. Balance is Power

The simplest to understand benefits of the divine masculine and feminine is the power of balance. These two energies reside within every person and the levels shift over time. One of the physical manifestations of these is sex hormones, which also can be influenced externally and internally.

Think of the divine energies as speakers in an argument. Each makes strong points for their position. However, it is only the balanced view, the third party outside that can see the merits dispassionately and weigh them accordingly.

Restoring and maintaining a balance provides the perspective necessary to chart a course and make decisions. 

2. Creating

Transforming one thing into another is the essence of creation. This is when exertion adds qualities to an already existing property. 

The divine feminine provides blueprints and a vision while the divine masculine works the physical products into being.

Creating requires a workable plan and the skills to meet that vision. In balance, a person finds satisfaction in what they produce. Unbalanced they are left wanting as their ambition goes unmet or the skills underused. 

3. Healing

Anything created risk damage through the medium of time or by another force. Healing and repairing such a creation uses the same energies in a slightly different fashion. This is often seen as one of the greatest benefits of the divine feminine. 

This transformation is both about nurturing and creating as old tissues need to be stimulated and new ones constructed. 

to heal is to also take time and let forces work. A sense of urgency limits healing and a sense of sloth speeds decay. 

4. Redirecting

All things are touched and influenced by their own internal feminine/masculine divine energy. A transformation of the opinions and attitudes of others is possible by redirecting these energies.

When used to influence gradually, the divine reshapes and redirects the thoughts and intentions of others to flow more openly and to find balance. After all, that which is true internally also worked externally. 

5. Grounding

Negative aspects of life abound when energies run without temperance. The transformative use of energy to ground others keeps them focused on the real and the now, not wallowing in prior trauma which spins and begets more of the same.

Everyone needs to be grounded now and again, in the same way that a house grounds the electricity in its wires. This safety valve also returns the energy within to the earth where it originated. 

6. Sensualizing

Life is not only a collection of objects and moments spinning forward. There is meaning to everything and the divine masculine and feminine interact to provide context and meaning to this life. 

The feminine provides a sense of depth, warmth, texture to our experiences. The divine masculine takes these features and challenges our limits, providing borders and limits on our expectations and our desires.

7. Waiting

The divine masculine is anxious and always moving forward, looking for the next thing that needs doing. this needs to be transformed and tempered by the ability to know when no action is the proper action. 

There are times in life where being at peace is too restful, too back on the heels to be useful. The action of inaction is about choosing in a moment to do nothing but being ready to start at any moment.

The opposite side of the coin is knowing when to rest and restore. To leave the world alone and focus on the internal world that requires shaping and recharging. 

Find Your Connection

These are put a few of the benefits of the divine masculine and divine feminine at work. Really, everything you think of that has existed or will exist comes from the transformation of these energies interacting with the external world.

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